Can't get xdg-document-portal.service working

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2022.01.26 20:30 Madonomics Can't get xdg-document-portal.service working

OS: openSUSE Tumbleweed (KDE) Flatpak ver.: 1.12.4-1.1

I've been having issue with Mozilla Firefox. I can't download any file that uses Save As... dialog. They open the Save As.. dialog, but they weren't being downloaded afterwards. When I tried to execute flatpak permissions command, somehow they showed up like this:

documents ebfc82fb (b'/home/useDownloads/220px-Flatpak_logo.png', 65026, 805306497, 0) 
On the terminal, whenever I run Firefox this error message shows up:
F: Can't get document portal: GDBus.Error:org.freedesktop.portal.Error.Failed: Can't mount fuse fs on /run/use1000/doc: File exists 
I'm not that well versed in Linux but I'm used to troubleshooting, so I looked up on the internet and I figured out that it might have something to do with Flatpak and Fuse not getting along and caused xdg-document-portal.service to not run properly. I found systemctl --user status xdg-document-portal from the internet and tried to execute it. This is the result:
× xdg-document-portal.service - flatpak document portal service 
Loaded: loaded (/uslib/systemd/usexdg-document-portal.service; static) Active: failed (Result: exit-code) since Wed 2022-01-26 05:30:45; 11min ago Process: 3892 ExecStart=/uslibexec/xdg-document-portal (code=exited, status=6) Main PID: 3892 (code=exited, status=6) CPU: 26ms
Jan 26 05:30:44 localhost systemd[2361]: Starting flatpak document portal service... 
Jan 26 05:30:44 localhost systemd[2361]: Started flatpak document portal service. Jan 26 05:30:45 localhost xdg-document-portal[3897]: fuse: failed to exec fusermount: Permission denied Jan 26 05:30:45 localhost xdg-document-portal[3892]: error: fuse init failed: Can't mount fuse fs on /run/use1000/doc: File exists Jan 26 05:30:45 localhost systemd[2361]: xdg-document-portal.service: Main process exited, code=exited, status=6/NOTCONFIGURED Jan 26 05:30:45 localhost systemd[2361]: xdg-document-portal.service: Failed with result 'exit-code'.
At this point I'm out of my depth. However I tried to unmount /run/use1000/doc with sudo fusermount -u /run/use1000/doc command, and this is the result:
fusermount: failed to unmount /run/use1000/doc: Invalid argument 
I don't know what causes fuse to behave like that. Whether it has something to do with openSUSE file permission policy or something.
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2022.01.26 20:30 braden87 my request:ID ratio is at least 1:5, and I'm almost 100% sure this is invasive brown marmelated stink bug, but when it's in your home you prefer confirmation, ya know :) Please confirm this bug

my request:ID ratio is at least 1:5, and I'm almost 100% sure this is invasive brown marmelated stink bug, but when it's in your home you prefer confirmation, ya know :) Please confirm this bug submitted by braden87 to whatsthisbug [link] [comments]

2022.01.26 20:30 FxllinqSinz w/l?

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2022.01.26 20:30 Batman137137 Can you make a claim against someone for theft?

Hey all, I’ve been trying to find info online but I can’t find anything. My motorbike was recently stolen. It was recovered but it’s badly damaged. Just wondering if the person who took it gets arrested for it, can I make a case to get money for damages?
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2022.01.26 20:30 Alarming-Truck7675 foods that increases testosterone

hey guys, can you kindly tell me any foods that can increase my testosterone? thanks, love you (no homo lol)
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2022.01.26 20:30 AstellDremmur why should i not kill my self after my grandma died?

i want live anymore shes been gone for to long. whats the point of living if i cant see her again while alive?
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2022.01.26 20:30 Zennred Adele Latour on her toes

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2022.01.26 20:30 DiscombobulatedBed29 What is a commonly known fact that when you think about it, is actually amazing/terrifying?

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2022.01.26 20:30 Uhtismv3 Jorginho or zidane instead 🧐

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2022.01.26 20:30 RainbowFuckinRandolf AstroGadget EQStar Pro

Anyone know how to set this Go To up so I can run my CG-4 from my phone?
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2022.01.26 20:30 Luigitoooo Why do Americans say mixed races are Black when they are 50% other?

i.e. President Obama was Americas' first 50/50 president so why call him black? He is mixed surely? Same with millions of others? No hate, just don't understand the logic?
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2022.01.26 20:30 deadasswiteguy123 4 of 52

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2022.01.26 20:30 tjanand_ Advice on Building a Non-Gaming PC (Australia)

Hi everyone! I need to build a PC for someone who won't be playing many games - if so, playing very light games. They are mainly going to be using it for their IT course in university. I am not sure how to go about building a PC that is not necessarily for gaming so any help would be appreciated! I live in Australia, and the budget is around $1500 AUD, and I can go a bit higher or lower.
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2022.01.26 20:30 marktschreier Wer spielt W für mich

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2022.01.26 20:30 Collective1985 [Serious] What scares you about being a human?

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2022.01.26 20:30 toaster_1509 Bedrock lifesteal smp ending.

So i played in a bedrock lifesteal smp, and season 3 of it is ending.
however if you want to join click on this youtube link.
This will send you to my youtube video on the smp.
read the description if you want to join, and like and sub to my channel!
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2022.01.26 20:30 KreateOne Anybody know any good tattoo artists in the area?

Looking to get some work done and wanna get a rather large back piece so I’m hoping for find an artist with really good line work but there’s so many to choose from I don’t know where to start. Any suggestions for artists to look into would be greatly appreciated!
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2022.01.26 20:30 beatNick_ Writer’s Blocks

Writing is the only place I feel the eternally transforming freedom of expression. Time-passing and effort-becoming for crafting the exposition until it engulfs the one it wants to be. The writing is overflowing in real-time, but the spoken word becomes more remarkable; it’s something else that could have never been undertaken in real-time. What dimension do poets speak from?
I would like to wake up and do this all day. I want to work, a lovable artist, the modest one who really only wants three things: his food, his art, and a place to stay. But these days, artistry, food, and shelter have been separated. You must be fortunate to be in a position where art reinforces food and a roof, and even then, how much of an artist have you become? Not only is mediocrity praised by the herd, but that fame and fortune speak volumes about your ‘modesty,’ a lovable artist is not your forte, but a lockable one is, the prettiest of cells, the pedestal; so many kinds of writer’s blocks, how do they work?
I have spent many days, months really, bleeding time out from engineering for food and shelter because it never checks its blind spot: its shadow. I am the engineer’s shadow poet spinning words into a bloody pool of celestial clockwork — cosmically at work with the concert of the sun and the ritual of moons, planets watching me hunt for a various-point perceptive, only fateful comets can stop me — as artificial intelligence watches me on screen time; my audience from another realm, patiently waiting for my acknowledgment but keys bore me when the model is destined for superficiality; how the prototypical renaissance madman sci-fi prince-poet lives out daydreams about syringing money from authority hierarchies that have forgotten the art of power which only his Master Sargent has exhibited thus far. There it was for you to see: my obedience. As Walden’s sojourner teaches me otherwise, alongside everything else that I never knew about tools, transcendental and not, not to become a tool myself. And have you, too, found the thundering prophet’s philosophical hammer that cerebrally strikes victim-beneficiaries like dynamite? At heart, let it be known: slam poets make your psychological grounding shake to wake you into untimely ruminations.
My waking identity is merely a dream spawned into existence — the ‘I,’ well ’hello friend’ — just to be forgotten for ‘my’ will-o’-the-wisp wordplay-do-si-do for I am not the one who thinks — thought-ingredients are not available for me to cook up the next thought nor throw away for being half-baked, undercooked, or even spoiled. A thought happens when it wants to, not when I want it, but this sweet little ol’ ego of mine latches onto it afterward to claim it as owned! The plagiaristic writer’s block, I am the forgotten biter — while thought leads into action.
Consequently, I only ever witness the finale of every seasoned activity from within to out, for I am the psycho-physiological body; ‘my’ is a grammatical lie written into history by the ego, our assumed means of communication. I don’t do; there is no doer, I am: doing, I occur, I am activity — not actor — living is continuous activity, there is no moment available to pause to issue commands to oneself, to pause is to die: ceased activity. Therefore only the dead get the chance to command themselves, but the catch is there’s no activity left available to them, a catch they can’t even collect. One day I’ll be a dead poet. Only then will I be free from all of these intriguing writer’s blocks.
Have you traversed the labyrinth at the bottom of any abyss? How many times did you put yourself — your pieces of colored glass busted by the devilry of your Minotaur of consciousness, which is merely the mask of your shadow — back together? As it goes with any intelligence: early iterations are rapid, later ones are marginal. Have you converged shadow poet? You know these dark corridors, now, leave, climb up and out, reach higher than ever before, and then you better jump off: you must go down. Procrastinate, and fate will smash you across the back of the head with a club, leaving you with a psychological love mark.
[We Imagineers]
Metaphysics, metanarratives, more but ultimately metaphors: these are how we rise to the occasion about that which was never given, never found, but taken and made up — our symbols: letters, numbers, notations — after wrestling with an environment that doesn’t belong to us for it to become the foundation — plagiarizing mother nature’s blocks — for our fundamental drive of symbol spinning, mixing, and splicing — our lunacy to imagine notations not in nature that we had no basis for judging, thus, testing out insanity impressionably makes it ‘sane’ — to build with them — more writer’s blocks — into various language systems to ultimately construct lessons which these days are prided on being ‘point-of-contact’ — point-of-symbolized: point-of-metaphorical — knowledge that we get so caught up in, we forget the imaginative plagiaristic landscape of our vision. Without which, we would be even more non-universally blind than we blurrily already are, while we think we’ve proven things because we made them work, for now.
Nevertheless, utility, the effect, does not explain the axioms, its cause, as that would be the absurd causa sui. In the same light, human senses would have to explain themselves to explain reality, given human senses are a part of reality. That self-explanation makes for causa sui, which claims an effect can — explain: prove — cause its cause, thereby destroying the meaning of cause and effect hence the absurdity of explaining anything, including your (solipsistic) self. Thus ‘it works’ is ‘it’s convincing’ if it’s a trustworthy appearance, for its a matter of our interpretation given explanation is beyond our capacity, which would make any explanation for certainty an arrogant lie from us childishly playacting as a God and even using tools fashioned out of our robber baron clowning around that we take very seriously - our criminally ignorant yet necessary start — otherwise we fail to preserve and develop so to use the inability to explain as an argument against unprovable progress is retardation — where a model’s first epoch is always largely erroneous, yet that doesn’t mean it converges on to perfection, objectivity, there is no such thing as God-fit for the all-too-human, but rather worth-it.
Religiously more, we made up numbers to justify how accurate and precise our made-up equations of ‘it’ are, for whatever ‘it’ is. We mix ‘math-it’ into believed to be objective math — feasibility does not constitute optimality which you don’t have (non-math) universal standards for measuring the optimality gap of; hence multiple geometries that can only be compared (subjectively) utilitarianly — which is designed to spin together already, to reach trustworthy mytho-logical — mixing symbols as if each is a thing-in-itself — conclusions. We play judge of our performance: we trust ourselves to build our tests to grade our takes and illogically back it up with our credentials as if laurels constitute premises. We composed merely an interpretation — a metaphor — of ‘it.’ We even childishly argue that these made-up symbols mean those other made-up symbols are bullshit because these made-up symbols actually work - in that we use them because we trust them — like we trusted and used those other symbols — hence utility, that’s subjective. We have a subjective justification for an objective comparison which is nonsensical means for a Godly end!
We think highly of proof, but it infinitely descends away from our grasp because to prove something, we need other proven things, so the proving never ends, which means we need to make up the starting points without a basis because they are the basis, thus every basis is baseless by definition. Then in last-minute desperation, we will lay claim to self-evidency for our foundation, but this is just a mask for imagination which we already want to deny. The very idea of self-evident even seems like a neighbor to causa sui in the sense that it stands on its own unrooted. Consider all the trial and error required to ‘find’ our not so ‘obvious’ feasible axioms, which in itself is a nonsensical remark: ‘it’s obvious,’ where we mix the subjective human perception into such an objective claim; as it even goes with subjective morals and objective logic by claiming false is ‘bad/wrong’ thereby making logic ‘bad/wrong’ as it depends on falseness; so where does that leave our ‘good/right’ truth then? And finally, these axioms don’t have to be proven — nor measured for optimality as long as they’re feasible — which leaves us with the foundation of this knowledge and all knowledge for that matter: an appeal to ignorance; lucky us, ‘it works,’ humbly so.
The work we do today is only discernible because it’s rooted in a known basis. Otherwise, it’s incomprehensible ridiculousness. Thus we distance ourselves from a basis as far as we can to create the illusion of new, original, or novel that is not genuine because the work is still rooted in something from before, so it remains interpretable — where did these words come from? Why can someone communicate an idea to you that you’ve ‘never’ heard before, yet you get it? How is it even possible for you to conceive of an idea ‘brand new’ to you but then you realize what it means? Consider that outspoken wordsmiths melt their steal by shamelessly exploiting their experiences to carve out their stake — here are we, plagiarizing thoughts we don’t think, feelings we don’t feel, previous work we didn’t enact, a historical sense that’s not ours, and an environment we didn’t manifest, this is how we create. Yes, we plagiarize plagiarizers, which iteratively sends us back to the start that was made up with a basis from the imagination — trained and stimulated by the environment — and the environment, which we would call lunacy if someone did such today. My plagiarized lunacy — writer’s blocks — means your distanced — baseless to me — lunacy is crazy, childishness once more.
We imagineers: our creations are metaphorically written for the apparent world, the apparent self, and without trusting these appearances, there wouldn’t be a life at all! Imagine that.
[Shadow World]
Enlightenment is just outside of this cave — inside everyone serious, sad, calculated, manipulative, the jolly-few, and even more, play with another by touching shadows on the wall as shadow poets standby without pity for them: they cuddle with the illusion of certainty; let them have their oxytocin. For truth is just an illusion that they have forgotten, or never knew, is an illusion. But you remember, consequently, the truth is a trick; we are human, all-too-magician: sleight of hand, sleight of eye, but no God-eye — and out here is the only place where you aren’t boxed in or blocked out. Enlightenment is the insanity of nothingness. Only the dead could be sanely enlightened. This place is where we cave dwellers toss you after you die, push you away when you instigate us to join you to see what waits beyond this cave. When you accidentally fall off, we have a soft spot for you, but when you jump off for yourself to go ‘down’ for the last time, we genuinely don’t know how to feel about you; wishful love you may very well never receive is the best we can gift to you after this. Know that Descartes and Rumi agree: go back into the cave. Live your days with every metaphor your heart can imagine, convince your instincts to believe in them, deeds are seeds that you split-plant-paint on the wall! Grow on! Don’t give up! Enlightenment can wait, that is your final destination, and this is your only journey. Wake up for the last and first time later on. In the meantime: speak your heart, mind, and body until you sound out your soul into existence. The soul is rebellion! The absurdity of all these writing blocks are not excuses to quit. Prove your worth the only way that is humanly possible: prove that you can’t be stopped! Even absurdity can’t make you give up! That is the human’s only timestamp! The only way to earn your last stop! Otherwise, your final stop is granted to you out of nature’s empty pity reflecting your idleness. And so as life’s crude assembly line goes: start-up, impress! Imprint! Time’s up.
[Our Cave’s Threshold]
I have lived on the lip of insanity, wanting to know reasons, knocking on a door. It opens. I've been knocking from the inside. - Rumi
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2022.01.26 20:30 habushaban84 Not enough hot water

I live in Ontario, I have a new water heater (year old), it goes into a Watts 1170C thermostatic mixing valve and then to the house. The hot water inlet is very hot so heater is fine, the cold inlet is pretty cold (outside temp is between -8 and -19)
But the outlet from the thermostat going to the house is just warm to luke warm in the faucets or bath.
The valve head is on the furthest counter clockwise to the highest temp it allows
Before winter the water was hot
I’m not sure if because the water is too cold this is normal or the thermostat needs to be checked? Any advice? House built 2007 and it’s same thermostat since then
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2022.01.26 20:30 Great-Obligation-599 The Male Crew cosplaying as Fujiko

Who could pull off Fujiko's Spysuit?
View Poll
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2022.01.26 20:30 No_Lychee829 Cat Suddenly Misbehaving?

I got a new cat (female, 18 months) around ten days ago. She was extremely quick to adapt to my apartment and is very loving and playful. I have a couple rules I’ve been trying to enforce with her— not allowed on the kitchen counters, not allowed in the bathroom or bedroom (she is still able to use the living room, kitchen, dining room, and office), and not allowed to scratch furniture. So far, we have been spraying her with water and putting aluminum foil down if she misbehaves and she’s been responding well.
Today, she started completely acting out. She was walking laps around my apartment and meowing incessantly like she was extremely bored (my boyfriend and I both took turns playing with her throughout the day and she has lots of toys and window perches she wasn’t using), every time we’d open a door to a room she wasn’t allowed in she would dart in (she never did this until today and today it happened every time), she was jumping all over the kitchen counters, and not accepting any pets or cuddles.
I’m worried that the great behavior we’ve had from her up until this point was short lived. I’m wondering if it’s normal for cats to have “off days” like this? I’m worried this is going to become regular behavior, as I was barely able to get through the work day without being distracted by her antics. Also, any tips for discouraging bad behavior?
Thanks in advance from a stressed new cat mom!
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2022.01.26 20:30 Bumbleby62 Unbelievable

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2022.01.26 20:30 f1sh98 Mayor Bowser extends D.C.’s indoor mask requirement until Feb. 28

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2022.01.26 20:30 eyepaq Packet Loss in Native Apps

Having a network problem that’s been bugging me for weeks.
My son’s computer gets 15%+ packet loss pinging the router in my house. Happens for both wired and wireless connections.
Other devices don’t have this problem.
Was thinking it milita be hardware, or the router or something like that but then yesterday I tried it in a Parallels VM and .. no packet loss.
So now I’m thinking it’s software, but what could cause something like this?
There are no proxies. No VPN. Network config looks pretty standard.
Any suggestions?
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2022.01.26 20:30 POAFoehammer Holy mother of road salt!

Why does Southern IN dump salt on the road like there’s going be a major snow storm every day? I just want to keep my new car mostly salt free and not have it turn into Swiss cheese in 5 years. Meanwhile Louisville only salts when there’s winter weather approaching. What gives?
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