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2022.01.26 21:43 cfreitas317 Best Class Companion

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2022.01.26 21:43 GCMacs2022 King Cake Macarons for Mardi Gras! (Cinnamon Shells with Cinnamon Cheesecake Buttercream)

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2022.01.26 21:43 DunKco Tmobile Samsung A525G :"Already Copied to clipboard" and "copied to clipboard"

Ive posted in an A52 specific sub with ZERO response:Ill try here.
(Tmobile) A new Samsung A52 (recently updated to android 12 One UI 4.0 but was doing the same prior to update).
I am having this issue( item already copied to clipboard) if i copied something, but it also appears if i long press in a text field to PASTE something already on the clipboard> I also don't need reminded ever single time i copy something " Copied to clipboard"
ive done some searching and some users seem to think it is related to KDE connect, but i do not have KDE connect installed that i can find. I do a lot of copy paste and this is really annoying, is there any way to turn off these "reminders"?
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2022.01.26 21:43 Mercymagic100 [F18] USA/ Anywhere/ Lets talk about our stories and all of those things we pray for in life.🌺🙏

I know that sometimes our relationships with God can seem hard. We aren’t perfect and we make mistakes. And sometimes even in friendships or relationships, it can still be hard to communicate everything that we feel inside. I want you to know that even though friendships and relationships aren’t perfect. God is. Let him be the center of your life. Of everything that exists around you.🥰🙏
If you ever need a friend or someone to talk to, please reach out to me. I love making new friends and being a listening ear😇🌸.
A few things about me:
I love learning more about Jesus, I am obsessed with reading and writing. I love making others smile and feel welcomed. And I absolutely love meeting sweet humans.🌺🌸
If you need anything. Prayer or a person to talk to? I’m here for you.💞🌸
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2022.01.26 21:43 LonleyArtsClub Connect iPhone to Macbook Air without USB?

So both USB ports on my laptop are broken. One doesn't work at all and the other is so touchy it's impossible to maintain a connection. I just want to put some music I have saved in my library (it's nothing purchased through Apple) on my iPhone 11. My laptop is a Macbook Air from early 2015. The only other port I have on my laptop beside the charger is one with a little lightning bolt next to it. Is there any way to use that or do I have to get the USB ports repaired?
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2022.01.26 21:43 Aware-Phrase3410 New To Ivern. What's His Identity/Win Condition?

How do you want to play him to maximize efficiency? What is his Identity on the team? Win condition?
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2022.01.26 21:43 ThatGuyYouCopyFrom Catacombs stronk

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2022.01.26 21:43 LaserBlade08 Very lucky play

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2022.01.26 21:43 mr_daddycool1 Vedhika

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2022.01.26 21:43 Okummayo Zeri R + Runnan interaction removed

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2022.01.26 21:43 X-DyCed-X Live your best life guys and start door dashing some food so it can get busy🤣 screw that New Years resolution. So slow everywhere.

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2022.01.26 21:43 Renota-Education What if I really like watermelon...

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2022.01.26 21:43 benmitchell92 What plot ruined an otherwise great movie?

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2022.01.26 21:43 refamat A collectable Tea Cake arrived today

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2022.01.26 21:43 jameme1972 This time they'll get it

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2022.01.26 21:43 Pillow125 Allow people to buy bonus rewards without needing to buy all of the premium rewards

I reached lv100 and have bought most of the rewards from the battle pass. However, I saved a lot of battle stars with the idea of buying the bonus rewards for the skins, yet the bonus rewards are locked until all of the rewards are bought.
I think it is fair that you should be able to buy bonus rewards once reached lv100 since you still have to grind battle stars, and you still would need to reach lv100 to unlock them.
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2022.01.26 21:43 AegisGirlPneuma Pyra Spreading It 4 U (Eerisyn)

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2022.01.26 21:43 slimehype Macrodosing listeners

Am I the only one getting fed up with how little time the guys spend on the main topic? Nikola Tesla is a legitimately amazing inventoscientist and they spent a grand total of almost barely 45 minutes talking about the guy and his accomplishments. 20 minutes of that was spent having billy basically just read off wiki facts from a list he found on the internet.
I used to think this shit was funny because they would actually spend at least an hour talking about the topic after the tomfoolery but this episode really irked me. Billy trying to grandstand about kids not going outside when the poor bastards have lived a quarter of their lives in a fucking pandemic. Just all around frustrating episode for me today. I’m not even listening to this s podcast to learn something I just want to hear a discussion about the topic at hand, especially if the topic is a person as enigmatic as Tesla.
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2022.01.26 21:43 EdmRealtor Looking for friends please add

6870 0117 3994
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2022.01.26 21:43 iridisss Is botting actually good for the economy?

I was shitposting with a friend about capitalism in the world of FFXIV, and eventually I made the (then a joke) argument that bots would be good for the economy, but now I feel like I've argued myself into the stance that bots are good, and I am unable to argue myself out of it.
First, let me preface this with the fact that not all bots are good. Bots that run MSQ generate gil, which goes to RMT, which directly leads to inflation. Those are bad. But there are also bots that gather raw materials all day. These contribute no gil to the economy, because their source of gil comes from another (active) player's wallet. Therefore, they are actually subtracting gil from the economy due to the Market Board tax which acts as a gil sink.
These bots flood the market with raw materials, driving the price down tremendously. But by doing this, they can bring the price of crafted goods down lower. Cheaper materials equals cheaper product, as most crafters generally are willing to drop their profit margins in order to attain a sale. This effectively combats inflation even further because a crafted weapon could go from 250k to 150k, meaning a single unit of gil buys you more product now. And because raw materials are cheaper, this drives crafters to use the Market Board rather than gather their own mats, increasing the amount of gil that goes through gil sinks even further. Not to mention the fact that luxury goods are now cheaper relative to the more-or-less fixed income that all players receive through quests and dailies, which results in yet more gil sink transactions.
Yet you can't talk about botting without drawing the obvious parallel to real world automation of labor. This is the sole biggest downside of it that I can currently see; it drives real miners and botanists out of the market, and makes being a DoL effectively obsolete. However, this should encourage higher skilled labor as players move to crafting, which has a newly-decreased barrier to entry. And this is a video game, not the real world, so we don't really need to worry about decreasing the number of jobs available to the population.
So what, am I just hardcore shitposting myself? I'm obviously missing something critical here, because I've reached a conclusion that runs counter to what all major companies believe when it comes to their stance on botting. Can someone make this make sense for me?
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2022.01.26 21:43 Inevitable_Dog3295 .

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2022.01.26 21:43 swiddy_ Have not seen better memes since

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2022.01.26 21:43 outside-mayhem First Ghost merch, prob not the last lol

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2022.01.26 21:43 PhiloOfEvolution Quantum Biology [Part 3] - How Birds (Might) Navigate With Quantum Mechanics

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2022.01.26 21:43 Ciaran123C This happened in Tampere, Finland. I have no words.

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