TSM playing with Sweet in ESA in place of Verhulst

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2022.01.26 21:12 NovelAries TSM playing with Sweet in ESA in place of Verhulst

Should be interesting to see Hal and Sweet butt heads, Hal is on Valk and Sweet on Wraith.
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2022.01.26 21:12 biglettuce09 When Putin took over Crimea, was there a major boom in the economy of Russia?

Also what happened if you owned a business in Ukraine and Crimea like two family restaurants
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2022.01.26 21:12 AznTri4d ComplexCon [Channel 5 with Andrew Callaghan]

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2022.01.26 21:12 Shrimp_Boi_ Whats the worst possible thing someone could bring to a funeral? Why?

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2022.01.26 21:12 xStormx01 Build height

Is it worth me deleting or stop playing with my maxed out 6'8 two way finisher and make a 6'9 two way finisher and spend time and vc on it? Is the extra inch worth it?
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2022.01.26 21:12 NumerousLake8552 M23 honest opinion of me.

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2022.01.26 21:12 Claudius-_-Ignius Portugal vai conscientizar professores sobre diversidade da língua e tolerância ao “brasileiro"

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2022.01.26 21:12 BigBoiShiba Crashing at the Crypt of Decay

When crossing the bridge in the crypt of decay the game just crashes, Im using DirectQ. I tried noclipping past the bridge but no luck, is there some obscure fix? Thank you!
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2022.01.26 21:12 trickynargfs Lo-Rez Interactive Studios Development Update #1

Lo-Rez Interactive Studios Development Update #1
Current state of the Realm (circa January 26th 2022)
Through the past few months, affiliated groups have been slowly emerging throughout the realm, modeling the divergence of the people of the isle. In one of our most active weeks in recent history, several factions have come out of the darkness and have set their names. We already see contested territory, and unclaimed territory become inhabited daily. As the weeks go onward we will see the map grow more and more as the realm grows in population. In this newsletter, we detail the new factions, progress of the realm population, and the details of the history of the realm all in an unbiased fashion.
This is a space for weekly conversation about the realm as the collective subreddit. Everyone’s input will be heard! Our first big questions this week is… What should we call the council of our island? (Similar to the United Nations, for example. Get creative! :) )
Below are the details of all of the existing factions as indicated by their respective members.
The Goblin Gulch Gals Guided by spirit and positivity, the Gals are sole possessors of Goblin Gulch. They express the importance of not choosing sides in the current war, but welcome battles within their grounds in good fun. From u/Goblin_Gulch_Guurl herself;
“Hey sweethearts! Seeing as the SSGYBs, Lumberjacks, Caretakers of Crossing, and the Gun Town Gays have become the talk of the town(s), I thought us Goblin Gulch Gals should come into the picture too! Similarly to the Caretakers of Crossing, we don't pick sides! Any and all players are welcomed! Just bring a smile and positive attitude ( and soar is recommended )! You can fight but just make sure that it's all in good fun! Love ya'll! Keep getting shards and making chickens! XOXO <3”
Members of the realm have nothing but good words for the Goblin Gulch Gals–they continue to be a major influence on the council and hold a lot of power in their non-partisan stance within the war.
The Northport Neighborhood Protectorate One of the newest members of the realm are the Northport Neighborhood Protectorate, featuring one of the most densely populated regions of the entire island. They convey the importance of their port, the relationships with their adjacent communities, and the closeness of their town members. The founder himself, u/DickeyDeuce79, has the following to say about his community;
“I'd like to establish The Northport Neighborhood Protectorate. Since we have the most houses a single region, it's important the NPNP look out for their neighbors. No scurvy pirates or outlaws are welcome. We control the Port and will kindly show you the bottom of the sea if you mean to harm our tight knit community.”
It looks like The Protectorate isn’t messing around… they understand the importance of protecting their own community and the realm as a whole, but have a distaste for those that affiliate themselves with the outlaws or pirates. I wonder if unbeknownst to The Protectorate, that the Outpost Outlaws have anything to say about this?
The Outpost Outlaws The Outpost Outlaws find themselves to be the newest addition to the badlands–holding their ground and portraying their strength through diversity and might. They add themselves to the friendly demeanor category alongside the Goblin Gulch Gals, the Adams Family, and the Caretakers of Crossing. The leader of the Outlaws, u/Notblazebun, has this to say about his faction;
“Having seen all these areas being claimed, I thought it would be fun to do the same. I've heard about the newly formed Goblin Gulch Gals and of course the Gun Town Gays. Well, hello friends of the desert (and everyone else), it is I, Blazebun, leader of the Outpost Outlaws! We are a group that is diverse and willing to put up one hell of a fight, though just know it is all friendly here, plus some casual trash talk as competitors do. .^”
They add themselves to quite the arsenal of Badlands factions, most of which seem to be for the greater good. Have they chosen a side in the war, one of their own, or to be a neutral party? Time will tell…
The Adams Family Ever since the rupture of the Frostweave from the libraries of Icehaven, the Northeast portion of the Island that has been buried in snow and ice (better known as Everfrost). Homes have been deserted and a welcoming stove is hard to find. One family would choose to brave the frozen wasteland, becoming caretakers for those who fell to worse misfortunes. Generations ago, their families would build the Frozen Cemetery to pay tribute to those who were lost in Everfrost. u/Omega11986 would proclaim this:
“From this day forth the Adams Family has claimed the Frozen Graveyard and has awoken to find a land divided. It is our mission to protect the world from devastation, to unite all people within our nation and to denounce the evils of truth and love 😎🤘”
Truly a rockstar declaration. Yet, all is not peaceful amongst the ice nowadays. A new faction, by the name of The Frozen Fiends, have claimed the Frozen Cemetery as their homeland, throwing the land into conflict and creating the first truly contested territory in the faction wars. But there may be a ray of light cast through the bleak clouds of war. The Adams Family has united with the SSGYBs with an understanding of protecting those who were lost as a common ground. What does the future hold for the brothesister faction?
The Frozen Fiends The Frozen Fiends find themselves to be the first group willing to contest the Frozen Cemetery of the northeastern island tundra, and are not afraid to show their shear strength and power over the lands around. Clever with words, these folk find themselves in with the Riddler in intellect. Their spokesperson, u/Seanathonx, has this to say about the Fiends;
“The Frozen Fiends will ensure your demise! You might think it’s ice to land in the top right of the map, but your victory will slip away! You’ll be given the cold shoulder by four George Crushingtons jamming their swords where the sun don’t shine and the snow don’t melt! It doesn’t matter if it’s Monday, Thursday, or Sundae, you’ll end up ice-olated from the rest. So if you’re feeling cold feet about landing in the Frozen Cemetery, it’s best not to try to break the ice!”
It will be interesting to see the growth of the Fiends–they seem to be growing rather quickly in numbers. Will they team up with the Adams Family to create a stronger squad, or incite conflict between their own residents?
The Seaside Graveyard Bois Long ago, when the realm was quiet and one could build a homestead, a family settled by the Southeastern coastline of the Island. This family lived off the land, even trading with their neighbors at Trinity Hills to survive. And survive they did. What started as a family, turned into a community, as more houses began to spring up. Everything seemed within the gods’ favor, until disease ran through the small village. As the pile of corpses grew taller, a place to lay loved ones to rest was called for. So a graveyard by the sea was created. Here rest the ancestors of that resilient community, who are guarded by the Seaside Graveyard Bois, or SSGYBs. When asked about transcribing their oral history on paper, their leader, u/SeasideGraveyardBoi, had this to say:
“Cluck yes! The SSGYBs origin is carved into ancient stone tablets that cannot be translated by modern historians. As a result, we pass stories verbally that were told to us by grandparents, and older relatives. Hi-rez originally stopped updating the game once they saw the power of the SSGYBs. They knew it was impossible to make a patch that brought any kind of balance, as the SSGYBs were just too OP. For this we apologize, but it is our sworn duty, destiny even, to protect the SSGY and eliminate the new lumberjack menace. #controllingseaside” As archivists, we’re unsure what Hi-Rez is and what “patches” are, but there’s no question about it, the SSGYBs are crazed. During the interview, we were certainly weary and worried of being sharded. Although they were one of the first factions to appear, how long will they last as opposition continues to grow?
The Lumberfall Lumberjacks When the propaganda became too much to bear, one faction would rise to be the second faction announced, in direct opposition to the already established SSGYBs. This faction would become known as the Lumberfall Lumberjacks. Renowned for their crafting and building prowess, the Lumberfall Lumberjacks are responsible for many of the houses and homesteads across the Realm, becoming the figurative foundation for the land. Maybe this was for this reason that the Lumberfall Lumberjacks declared their presence and stake in the coming war. This was said by u/MikeBreezySwagg when the clan was created:
“The Lumberfall Lumberjacks, a once proud people, have diminished in numbers over the years, only a small group hold the mantle of lumber jack. At constant war with seaside graveyard bois, whos members far out way the numbers of LFLJ. War. Famine. Disease. Death. Through the years each have carved out their territory. No other factions have stepped forward to join the Great War. But the time to act is now. The realm needs us more now then ever.” Although, Mr. BreezySwagg would go on to create the Caretakers of Crossing, there are still supporters for the Lumberfall Lumberjacks. Some have tried to declare themselves as leader, but have failed to gain the support of their people. The people of the Realm have urged the community for a new leader to rise to the occasion and either take the helm of the Lumberfall Lumberjacks or to create a new group all together. Maybe…just maybe, that person is you…
The Caretakers of Crossing After creating the Lumberfall Lumberjacks, our hero, Mr. u/MikeBreezySwagg, felt something in their gut. They looked around at the chaos, at the fighting, asking themselves, “When will the cycle stop?” Abruptly leaving the Lumberfall Lumberjacks in the dead of night, he was gone. Days… no, maybe weeks later, a new faction would rise, one with a familiar leader, but a foreign goal. The Caretakers of Crossing would be the first non-violent addition to the faction war that was soon to take place. When asked about the Caretakers, Mr. BreezySwagg had this to say:
“The caretakers of realm started as any other, hopeful for the opportunity to thrive and grow in the realm. After years in the realm, factions and devision between territories started to cripple the land. As The Great War started to ravage through the land, a small group of mages decided to band together to protect all those who claim no territory. The Caretakers Of Crossing were formed so all those in the realm would be able to find refuge during The Great War. The Caretakers Of Crossing assure you, despite the fact that the realm will most certainly be fractioned in half by The Great War, their will be no bloodshed within our walls. All factions and refugees may find shelter in crossing. We will not be choosing sides in a war we did not create. #NICECOC” In a time when war and destruction is upon us, the Caretakers of Crossing did what was probably the hardest thing to do: lay down their arms. And in this desperate act of kindness, other’s heard the call and answered. Other factions would appear with wholesomeness and friendship being embraced as their identity, rather than bloodshed and shards. Will this genuine goodness prevail in the dawn of the war of the shards?
The Gun Town Gays The Gun Town Gays have been a growing squadron, being the third faction announced following the SSGYBs and the Lumberfall Lumberjacks. Inclusivity and strength in numbers appear to be their biggest slogans, as they control the region and continue to build their arsenal. They are the first of any faction to announce their duo landing quarters, all in the name of challenge.
“Ever since the dawning of the new weapons forge in central Gun Town—established just a few years ago, our headquarters has been moved from west to east. In an act of establishing a strong force amongst the ever increasing worry of an invasion, you see before you… the landing location of one of our duo squadrons. This is an extension to you as a challenge. We are in dire need of shards, so if you choose to challenge our gates, there may be a time you will find us here. Only when you are sharded will you know our names. Consider this an invitation if you will… if you dare…” - u/Guerard_r
The GTG members are yet to claim a side in the war but appear to have the means to join in. Threatening to land both Lumberfall and Seaside, their perspective is highly debatable.
Future of the Realm As the current update to the state of the realm comes to a close, what do the residents of those territories not mentioned say? Who will lead your people to safety…or victory? Currently, Sentinel Hold, Trinity Hills, Autumn Fields, Fungal Jungle, Jade Gardens, Jaguar’s Claws, Forbidden Swamp, Lost Forge, Coldmist Village, Icehaven, Valley, and Old Manor remain unclaimed. Who knows, they may remain unclaimed as you join the leading factions in their objective of conquest. All we know is that choice is yours, and yours alone to make. Join us next week on Wednesday as we continue to recount the current state of the Realm, the War of the Shards, and begin to delve into the history of the universe!
Good Sharding,
Lorekeepers Guerard & Tricky
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2022.01.26 21:12 mrjake118 "This is the way" is the most tired, cliche response on the internet and needs to start being downvoted every time it's used.

And that's all I have to say about that. It's not even that good a line from the show, and you guys all act like it's your freaking obligation to say it every time you agree with something.
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2022.01.26 21:12 Jenniilex3 X showing love to his boys

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2022.01.26 21:12 VSM77 Regice 5698 5800 9080

5698 5800 9080
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2022.01.26 21:12 culverhibbs14 Should I consider LLM in tax?

Current 2L but have a masters in tax accounting and worked B4 accounting (not CPA but can take the exams but I rather just pass the bar). Im considering an LLM in tax but but due to my masters in tax I don't see the need. my other options are to graduate early this December and go home study for the bar or get a JD/ MBA at my current school which isn't that good but will grad next spring "on time". The tuition isn't an issue for any option but I'm more thinking time value of money and just prepping for the bar.

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2022.01.26 21:12 Mondayslasagna In 2022, America needs more _____.

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2022.01.26 21:12 Spare_Presentation Favorite looooong gravel routes?

I just got the news, I'm going to Emporia this June.
With that in mind, I'll be spending a ton of training time in the saddle on gravel.
What's everyone's favorite all day route?
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2022.01.26 21:12 Emotional_Car_2867 Sorry for the terrible quality! But I’ve just found a picture I took on the set of UTOPIA when they filmed at the mansion back in October 2012!

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2022.01.26 21:12 JB_209 [USA-CA][H] ASUS ROG Strix z690-G motherboard [W] Local cash, Paypal

Selling ASUS ROG Strix z690-G motherboard for $325
Brand new in box, never opened.
Local to 95356 willing to deliver ~50 mi.
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2022.01.26 21:12 Bonus1Fact [News Shorts] ‘Record’ number of interns starting in NSW hospitals ¦ Sky News Australia

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2022.01.26 21:12 Daikidzin Делитесь историями. Кто сталкивался с подобным в номерах?!

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2022.01.26 21:12 TheXBoxer [PS4] H: TSE90 Gatling Laser W: V50c25 Enclave Plasma with Aligned Automatic Barrel, Stabilized, and Reflex Sight. Curious about other God rolls too, especially if 50c25 or 25ffr25 (Vampires, Bloodied, AA mostly)

[PS4] H: TSE90 Gatling Laser W: V50c25 Enclave Plasma with Aligned Automatic Barrel, Stabilized, and Reflex Sight. Curious about other God rolls too, especially if 50c25 or 25ffr25 (Vampires, Bloodied, AA mostly) submitted by TheXBoxer to Market76 [link] [comments]

2022.01.26 21:12 Kislesko0317 JB in the Aarava livery car

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2022.01.26 21:12 BlackLiquidSrw Armored Asgore art by me

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2022.01.26 21:12 a_nooblord Double burn teemo is unstoppale

How do you deal with this tiny evil creature in my jungle spamming shrooms?
Real talk, do i have anything that deals with shrooms other than oracle lens? Once teemo gets into an area how do you get him out?
we're talking metal league strats here. I am not good enough for challenger meta idears. i need real solutions for silver leaguer joe shmuck
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2022.01.26 21:12 acira_XD the brush is not working at all, how do i fix it?

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2022.01.26 21:12 FlyoverPodcast OHCA: 150k Oklahomans to lose Medicaid coverage after pandemic

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